Sylvester’s New Home

Riley flying

After four years at the shelter, our little ’Sylvester’ has found his forever home. His new owners, John and Sonia, shared with us the intimate details of his first week.

A New Name: They considered keeping him ‘Sylvester’, but decided that his new life should be accompanied by a new name.  So, Sylvester is now Riley…… living the “Life of Riley!”

John tells us that immediately after adopting him from the shelter, Riley’s first stop was the Arcadia Dog Park.  Looking out the car window, Riley had the most adorable look of wonderment in his eyes.  It must have been sensory overload, like a kid at Disneyland, with so much to see.  He seemed spellbound by people crossing the street, cars passing by, and all the activity going on around us. At the park, he wandered about and did lots of sniffing and peeing (of course) and played with the handful of other small dogs that were there. When we went home, he was introduced to his new brother and sister, Chiquita and Rummy, on a walk so we could introduce everyone away from home turf.  As we expected, the first time inside our house, Riley must have tried to pee half a dozen times in the first five minutes.  We always knew this would be the biggest challenge for Riley after spending more than four years at the shelter.  Let me say that after the first 30 minutes, and up until today, he has only had a single “accident” in the house.  We are blown away how well he has done.   The first night we went to bed, we put Riley in the crate next to our bed but let him out during the night to join us in bed.  He’s been sleeping with us in bed ever since and he sleeps like a log. kissing

We’ve spent tons of time getting Riley acclimated to his new home. It’s still so difficult for me to imagine him spending four years at the shelter, but I try to focus on his new life.  I know he’s six years old, but he has an amazing puppy-like enthusiasm and energy.  He has a zest for life.  You can see it in everything he does:  sunbathing on a patio chair, chasing the birds and squirrels in the back yard (he just likes to see them scatter), eagerly devouring his twice daily meals, sleeping peacefully in our warm bed, and playing chase with his new brother and sister. Riley said to tell everyone at the shelter ‘thank you for not giving up on him’.  He appreciates all the love (and snacks) he’s been showered with all these years.   Here are some pictures of the new Riley!!

bird houseon chair

Johnny Needs Your Help

johnny 6 A edited (2)Hi!   I’m Johnny.   My prior family surrendered me to the shelter when I was sick.   San Gabriel Valley Humane Society has taken real good care of me and I’m almost all well and ready for a new home.   But first I must have  surgery and this is where you can help me.   Unfortunately, a vet has diagnosed me with an obstruction in my nose – probably polyps- which are interfering with my breathing.   I need surgery to remove these polyps and breathe normally.   I need to raise $1,000 for my surgery.  With your help and the surgery, I can live a long, healthy life with a purrever family.
I am a handsome 2 year old grey tabby who came to the shelter sick and was treated for upper respiratory infections for two months.  Even under treatment, I was cuddly and playful and quickly became a staff favorite.  Not only do I have gorgeous tabby stripes, I’ve got the personality to match! Some call me a Love Bug.   I melt into laps, nestle into chests and necks, while making a soothing purr.   Not to brag, but I’m known as a bit of an athlete: bouncing after toys and chasing the red laser dot around obstacles.   I love people and will hop on the back of a person that bends over to play and follow visitors around looking for attention.   I get along with other cats and would do fine being an only cat or in a multi-cat family too.   Here I am posting this on the computer! johnny computer
Thank you generous animal lovers for giving me a chance to be well and find my furever home!  I will be ready after my surgery for that special some one!



Healthy Pet Expo

Healthy Pet Expo 2016 Eng Spn FlyerMark your calendar!
Saturday,  April 16th
9am to 3pm

Whittier Narrows Park
Meadows Picnic Area
750 Santa Anita Avenue
South El Monte   91733

We will be joining animal lovers for this year’s Healthy Pet Expo.   Bring your dog or cat and take advantage of the many free services for your pet, including nail trims, spay/neuter, vet consults, giveaways and free and low cost vaccines.

There will be a dog contest with prizes for the best outfit, coolest trick and pet owner- look alike.  Spend a fun day with your best friend and learn how to keep your pet healthy!

What is TNR?

No, it is not the latest social media. It means: Trap. Neuter. Return.  It is the humane way to trap feral cats, spay or neuter them, vaccinate them and then return them to their cat colony to live out the rest of their lives.  Why is it important to do this? Feral cats can live in our communities without adding to the homeless population.   They will live without disease, spraying or fighting. And still help us with rodent control. A feral cat can live 10 years if it is sterilized.

TNR logo

How can you assist?  Most adults can help if they follow a few basic guidelines.

1. Establish a routine feeding schedule at least one week before trapping. This will allow you to know when the cats will be expecting your delivery of food.

2. Stop feeding the cats at least 24 hours prior to trapping them. They need to be hungry enough to want to enter the traps. Fresh water is still acceptable at this time.

3. Place bait, usually fish to entice the cats into the trap.  The door will automatically close firmly when they enter the trap.  

4. Allow the cats a period of time to relax before placing them in your car. They are going to be excited and angry. 

5. Take the cats to your appointment at the shelter for sterilization and vaccinations. Check low cost offices that will do this.

6. Follow the instructions after surgery. Some cats will be able to be let go after between 12 and 24 hours. Cats cannot be released until they are fully awake. 7. Never release a cat in a new area. They will try to find their way home and become lost or killed. They also form bonds with the other cats in their colonies.

There are many detailed articles on the internet to read about the importance of TNR. This is the only humane way to manage the feral cat populations. It recognizes that there is a balance in our urban communities that includes feral cats.

The shelter provides low cost TNR for $35. Call us for more information and assistance. 


Wistaria Festival in Sierra Madre

Thank you to everyone who stopped by our table at the Festival this year.

wiataria festival 2Shelter volunteers enjoyed a fun-filled day meeting animal lovers and sharing our mission of “Putting People and Pets Together”.

The Festival is an annual event that attracts thousands to view the 122 year old Wistaria vine that has been named by The Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest flowering plant.     We were happy to be a part of the celebration.





World Animal Reiki Day

Saturday, February 6, 2016 from 11:00am to 1:30pm

world animal reiki day
Join us for this FREE and special event at SGVHS as we celebrate the First Annual World Animal Reiki Day.

Please join Lisa Hughes – Animal Reiki Practitioner and volunteer.
You will learn:   What is SARA.   Basic principals of Reiki, including how it can benefit you and your animal.
How Reiki can help shelter animals.
At noon, you can participate with Lisa in a Reiki session. (Please bring a towel to sit on).
Register to win 1 of 3 Reiki sessions with Lisa.


Catapalooza flyerHow can cat lovers help out?

By donating much-needed kitty litter to our cats!  Click on the Donate button at the top of the home page.  Scroll down to the Amazon Wish List and choose a kitty litter and Amazon will do the rest!   Our grateful cats thank you!!


Help Hoppy Holiday Fund Drive

As an animal lover, you know that any pet with a significant medical problem is unlikely to be adopted until that issue is resolved.   We need your financial support to ensure that we can continue to provide the level of medical care that will alleviate suffering and save lives.  Hoppy will find his forever home. Hoppy 4 (2) We’ll make sure of it.  We are very proud of our 94% canine adoption rate.   Healthy, happy pets are adoptable pets!   With your help we can afford to make dreams come true.   Please find it in your heart to help us raise money for medical supplies, instruments and medications to make our pets adoptable so they can thrive in a happy home with a family all their own!

Would you please give a gift that will help us continue to save lives and end painful suffering so that we can bring people and pets together?  Your support will ensure that we can provide the medical care, food, shelter and psychological support that our animals need while they are in our care.  Together, we will make it possible for every pet who needs a forever home to have the chance to find one.   Please  make a contribution through PAYPAL to the ‘Help Hoppy Holiday Fund Drive’ and make a difference for the many others like him who will come through the shelter’s doors!

Wings of Rescue

We  joined with other rescue groups in the LA area to fly 120 Chihuahuas from local shelters to Vancouver, Canada on Saturday, November 7th for a special adoption event with a Canadian based rescue organization known as  ‘Thank Dog I Am Out’.   Wings of Rescue 11.15 These lucky dogs have over 300 families waiting to meet them and welcome them into their homes.   Volunteers, as well as animal behaviorists, will be on hand at this most-anticipated event to facilitate the adoptions.   ‘Save The CHI’ is a collaborative effort between Pet Orphans, Eastwood Ranch Foundation, LA4Animals Foundation, the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society and Wings of Rescue.