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Ellis, the super sweet 10 year old chi mix, was a favorite of staff and volunteers at San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, but her evolving medical condition began to require more regular medication and monitoring than the shelter had the bandwidth to provide.

Meade Canine Rescue & Sanctuary of Creston, CA, gracefully stepped up to help and take in Ellis to focus on finding an experienced adopter who could provide the medical care Ellis would require.

Meade volunteer, Lela, first met Ellis one day when she showed up for her shift. She noticed that Ellis has chosen a bed far away from the other dogs and seemed content there, but Ellis did make it known that she was very interested in belly rubs. It was not long before Ellis’ beautiful, soulful eyes communicated with Lela. Lela immediately knew she had to bring Ellis home and make her a part of her family with Lilo, her chi mix.

Ellis and Lilo immediately bonded and Lela often finds them napping together. Ellis also makes sure Lilo is groomed regularly. She has also proven to be a great refrigerator guard. No food goes in or out without Ellis acknowledging it.

When Lela returns home at night the trio makes a “dog pile” while Ellis wags her tale mischievously. After play, Ellis settles in on Lela’s lap for cuddles. “She is a very social, trusting dog and a pleasure to have in our lives,” Lela said.


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