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Career Opportunities

Join the shelter team!

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society has a proud tradition of compassion for all the animals we serve. Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the adoption of all healthy and adoptable animals into permanent, loving homes. Our shelter team works to exemplify our core values of Teamwork, Compassion, Integrity, Respect, and Professionalism. If you would like to join our shelter team and meet the qualifications outlined for a position below, we would welcome the chance to explore the opportunity with you!

If you would like to become a member of our shelter team, please submit your resume and cover letter via email to or apply via

Please do not apply in person.

Current Job Openings

See below for the current career opportunities with the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.

All positions listed below are Full Time.

Animal Control Officer:

The Animal Control Officer enforces all applicable laws and ordinances regarding stray, dangerous, nuisance domestic and wild animals; investigate complaints; patrol assigned areas; capture animals; and performs other duties related to humane animal protection and control.

Essential Job Duties: Animal Control Officers perform the following duties in a collaborative, team environment. Other related duties may be assigned.


  • Operates an animal control vehicle with wireless communication equipment for response and patrolling streets and alleys, roads and parks.

  • Interprets, and enforces laws, regulations, and ordinances related to animal control and licensing.

  • Explains laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to the care and keeping of animals to the public.

  • Investigates and searches for stray or abandoned animals and taking into custody animals turned in by general public including trapped, unwanted and improperly controlled or cared for animals.

  • Impounds, collects and transports animals to the shelter or veterinary treatment facility; scans animals for microchip and reads chip number from scanner.

  • Removes dead animals from streets and property and transports to the shelter; quarantining, investigating animal bite reports for rabies control and obtaining specimens for testing.

  • Responds to reports of dangerous, vicious, wild, or diseased animals and breaks-up fights or gets between aggressive animals and individuals being attacked.

  • Documents field notes, conducts investigations and takes appropriate action based on investigation of complaints regarding animal cruelty.

  • Maintains records and activities through use of a personal computer; prepares memos, reports and enters data into database.

  • Issues warning notices, citations for violations of animal control, and licensing ordinances; testifies in court when required.

  • Compensation range is $18 to $22 per hour, dependent on experience.



Animal Care Associate:

Animal Care Associates are responsible for the overall care of all the animals within the shelter. Animal Care Associates provide for the continual cleaning of cages, runs, outside yards and Meet and Greet areas as well as the proper feeding and care of all shelter animals. Animal Care Associates socialize, exercise and train the animals, getting to know them as individuals and preparing them for adoption. Animal Care Associates also conduct potential adoption “Meet and Greets”. All Animal Care Associates are expected to exhibit a positive and professional attitude at all times.

Essential Functions include but are not limited to the following duties:

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect all areas of the shelter as often as necessary and maintain sanitary conditions of kennels, cages, play yards, equipment, and general facility.

  • Feed and provide water to shelter animals; select and prepare appropriate type and quantity of food.

  • Observe animal appearance and activity for general physical condition, obvious signs of illness, disease and discontent.

  • Report signs of illness, disease, injury, unusual conditions or abnormal behavior of any shelter animal to immediately to shelter clinic personnel.

  • Take charge and/or handle animals as required and restrain hard to control animals.

  • Socialize animals according to established protocols; work with and train dogs and cats to gain basic skills to enhance adoption.

  • Bathe, groom, and prepare animals available for adoption.

  • Conduct “meet & greet” visits and observe pet/adopter interaction.

  • Provide guidance to public on animal care.

  • Ensure visitors are assisted properly and appropriate service response times are achieved.

  • Maintain records related to animal inventory, daily animal care and conditions in shelter management database.

  • Compensation range is $16 to $17 per hour, dependent on experience.


Registered Veterinary Technician:

Provide appropriate veterinary care to shelter animals. Must have current RVT license in California. Ability to work in a fast paced environment is essential.  Basic computer and good interpersonal communication skills are very important for the job.

Responsibilities include:​

  • Patient check in for surgery days.

  • Pre-, Intra- and Post- Op care of surgery patients in a fast paced spay/neuter clinic.

  • Medicating shelter animals.

  • Performing dental cleanings.

  • Administering vaccines at our public clinics.

  • Handling emergency situations alongside other veterinary and shelter staff to provide excellent patient care.

  • Compensation range is $22 to $30 per hour, dependent on experience.


Customer Care Associate:

The Customer Care Associate ensures day-to-day front office operations run smoothly and efficiently. Prior customer service experience required. Experience with data entry and Microsoft Office applications also required. Ability to work in a fast paced environment is essential.

Responsibilities include:

  • Welcoming all visitors and answering phones in a knowledgeable, courteous and professional manner.

  • Handling complaints and concerns with diplomacy; dispatching Animal Control Officer calls.

  • Answering a busy multi-line phone system.

  • Working with fractious customers to resolve any issues or concerns.

  • Conducting pet adoption interviews and processing adoption paperwork; scheduling clinic services.

  • Entering customer / animal information into the shelter management system.

  • Performing other office tasks as needed.

  • Computer skills, including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, Mail Merge.

  • Some knowledge of database management, learning new operating systems and computer applications.

  • Compensation range is $15 to $19 per hour, dependent on experience.

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