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Polly & Trudy

Joanne Kakuda and David Oppliger chose SGVHS to search for their newest family member because they had followed the shelter for years on social media and felt it was the kind of loving place they wished to support.

They immediately gravitated towards Pitbull mix Polly because she was had been the longest shelter resident, and they felt like she needed them. “Polly was a love bug with us from the start,” said Joanne. Trudy was also identified as another dog that would be a great fit for their lifestyle and the staff suggested they could work to socialize the dogs together so that the couple could adopt both. It worked like a charm, and the two girls bonded like long lost friends. Joanne remained at home for the first week to ensure a smooth transition for the girls, and soon they both took over the couch and began to give their new owners “lovies” (aka doggie kisses). “I want adopters to know,” said Joanne, “it takes time for their new dog to get used to the environment. Everyone had to get used to each other, but it’s worth it. We cannot be more grateful to SGVHS for giving these dogs a chance because now our home feels more complete and we can’t imagine our lives without these two silly, wonderful girls.”


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