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Written by Coco's owner Jonathan:

On July 20, 2023, we adopted a beautiful Australian Shepherd pup, born November 23, 2022, from San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. From our first meeting, it was apparent that he craved friendly contact with humans.

We considered various names for him, but finally “Coco” stuck because of the brown patches over his eyes, with generally white color as you’d see in coconut meat, and some black flecks as you often find on the inside of a coconut shell.

I love coconuts for many reasons, from the functionality of the shells as bowls, to the nutritional value, to the many useful items that may be woven from coconut fronds. So, Cocosweet, inoffensive, unpretentious.

It turns out that Coco is the best dog ever. His missionto be near me at all times. I get up to go to another roomhe follows me. I sit at my deskhe lies at my feet. I nap on the sofahe stretches out on top of me or beside me to nap at the same time. We take a walk together, on or off leash, he’s never far.

No question, this dog is everything I’ve ever wanted in a canine companion. A gift from God. To top it off, my wife Gloria loves him too!


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