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Ben and his family have been going to SGVHS for many years. When his children were small, they adopted their beloved Chip there who he describes as “the most wonderful, well-adjusted dog I’ve ever had”. Chip lived a long and happy life with his family, but when the time was right to adopt another dog they visited SGVHS again. Through a twist of fate they ultimately ended up adopting long term resident Staffy mix, Daisy, who they renamed Roxy.

Roxy was understandably confused and frightened by her new surroundings and initially hid out in their daughter Catherine’s room. The rest of the family gave Roxy space, and soon she slowly started creeping into the other rooms one by one.

It didn’t take long for Roxy to start “living the high life” with a mountain of toys, walks galore, and the run of the house. She also gets to choose where she wants to sleep, and some days it’s the couch, other days—the bed. “That dog is the ultimate cuddle monster,” Ben says “she is also the sweetest, most affectionate, most obedient dog, and everyone loves her.”

One night, Roxy protected her family by barking vigorously at a tee-shirt with a scowling Harrison Ford from Raiders of the Lost Arc that was draped across a chair, and wouldn’t stop until the tee-shirt was taken out of the house.

“This dog is such a blessing,” Ben says, “Roxy brightens everyone’s day and earns all the affection, treats, and doggie toys we heap on her. I would whole-heartedly recommend a shelter dog to anyone who is thinking about getting a new pet. I’ve had nothing but positive experiences from the dogs I’ve adopted from SGVHS. It’s obvious the staff and volunteers there treat their animals right.”


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