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When Katelyn started volunteering at SGVHS, she immediately signed up to train for cat socialization because she had a cat of her own. Weekly, she spent as much time as possible bonding with the adorable feline fur babies, but she already had a cat AND a dog, so she had no intention of taking one home. Until one day.

One kitty captured Katelyn’s eye, and she was devastated when that kitty was quickly adopted. Katelyn then realized she was falling in love with another kitty she began calling “the calmest kitty”. It was not long until “the calmest kitty”, named “Gotcha", went home with Katelyn to meet the tribe.

“Gotcha” became “Lilo” and charmed Katelyn’s dog Kookie immediately. At first, Raven the cat had a real “catitude” but eventually came around and now the two sit together watching birds and lizards.

Katelyn is so grateful she ended up with Lilo because, “Lilo is such a chill kitty, she’s just perfect. The second you lay eyes on her, she rolls and exposes her tummy for belly rubs. Lilo is also an iPad child and loves to attack the mice on her favorite iPad game. It was a bit of an adjustment for everyone, but she has brought so much joy to our family.”


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