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Written by Sunny’s owner Tasha:

Sunny and I (more I because she is full of immense and boundless love) struggled at first.  Sunny is an amazing ball of energy, which I did not expect for a 7 year-old dog… this girl is a total puppy at the core!!

She is attached to me at the hip (also not what I expected, and I wasn’t sure I wantedagain, I am fickler than she is, she is full of immense and boundless love). What I didn’t expect eitherSunny is soooo smart, she knows various commands, can read my mood, after only 3 days of going on a walk to play during my work lunch she started dragging me there as she knew where we going after 30 seconds, she adjusted quickly to being in my office all day since it means she has contact with me all day, she loves HARDlike really hates if I have to leave for a meeting and looks out the window as I leave and hears my car as I come back and is back in the window.

She shows me everyday how smart she is. Today she jumped up in my office chair so she could be at “my level” when we came in. She is calmer now in the office and less demanding of my attention as she knows we are in this together and she has her own space. She has learned that when we go to play with her ball, once I put it away, play time is over for now and she is no longer restless and searching for the missing ball (she knows where it is now, and even though I know she wants to retrieve it, she leaves it alone). She is freaking amazing, and I love her immensely, she is perfect beyond what I can express.

 All this to say that YOU ALL at SGV made this happen and from the bottom of my tiny little heart and Sunny’s huge heart we thank you! Magic exists, she is magic! This is her, right now as I type, she just sleeps in one of the beds in my office set up for her, the other one is at my mom’s which is a block from my office where we go to play on my lunch, ball in mouth—of course. 


Thank you for all you do!!


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