There is no greater joy than giving a forever home to one of our homeless pets!



Shelter Welcome

Ramona  Needs Your Help

Hi.   My name is Ramona.   I came to the shelter in May, 2014 with my litter of young kittens.  My babies kept me very busy and I was happy to see them find their forever homes.  I’ve made many friends here but still haven’t met that one special family.   It’s stressing me out and now I have stomatitis, a periodontal disease.   When the inflammation is severe, it is very painful for me.  I don’t feel I can be my best every day and I am missing out on meeting my forever family.   I need specialized surgery in order to relieve my pain and sore gums.   They tell me that feline stomatitis is a painful and chronic condition of the tissues in my mouth.  My only relief is specialized surgery that can’t be performed by the shelter clinic staff.  I need a veterinary specialist do to the surgery and need your help to raise $950. With your help and the surgery, I can look forward to a happy life in a furrever home.   My surgery is scheduled for May 16th and I don’t want to suffer any longer.   Please follow this link and type Ramona in the message box and your generous donation will go toward my surgery.  If I get more money than I need, (thanks to you), I will make sure that any extra goes to my other animal friends who need special medical care.
I am a 4 year old girl with torbie markings, big eyes and a great sense of curiosity.   I love head scratches, being brushed and full body massages. I respond with a big yoga stretch reaching my back high to the sky with a contented smile on my face. After playing with my favorite string toys, I am happy to sit on a favorite lap for attention.  My friends say I am well behaved and a pleasure to be with.   I don’t even get fussy when my nails are trimmed!  By now, you are probably wanting to meet me.   If you are the perfect family for me, please stop by the shelter and let’s get to know each other!



Canine Distemper Alert 

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health  confirmed that a local raccoon was infected with the deadly Canine Distemper virus.   We have handled several dead or diseased raccoons over the past two weeks and suspect these were infected with the virus.  While we have not seen the disease in coyotes or skunks, they too can become infected.

This disease is highly contagious to dogs and puppies. The good news is that Distemper is preventable in dogs and puppies with a simple vaccination.  Click here to learn more to protect your dogs and puppies from this deadly disease by a simple vaccination!


Our Bunnies Are The Best 

Looking for a rabbit?   Bring a little love into your life this Spring.     What better way to start the new season than by welcoming a new family member into your home.

Rabbits make ideal indoor pets and are brimming with personality. They are very social animals and need lots of exercise and enrichment activities to keep them at their best.   They can be litter box trained and happily hop around your home waiting for some snuggle time on the sofa!  Best of all…these indoor pets don’t need to be walked on rainy days!

Stop by and visit our bunnies.  You might be lucky and find your new best friend!











Our Bunnies Want Your Help! 

 They put their heads together and let us know that they want rabbit lovers to check out the shelter’s AMAZON WISH LIST.   They would love to have another rabbit cage that can be wheeled in and out every day so they can enjoy the beautiful days, meet adopters and be back inside at night when it is cool.   Right now, they share and not everyone gets out as much as they want.

Smart bunnies know how important exercise is and that an activity zone rabbit toy would help them keep their bunny tails in good shape.  And, because after a good workout on the activity zone, they are very hungry and would enjoy nibbling on some Kaytee Supreme Rabbit Food and Kaytee Wafer Cut Hay.  

Check out our ‘AMAZON WISH LIST’ by following this blue link and make a donation to help our bunnies!     Bruce Wayne, Judy Hopps and Donnie Darko   thank you from the bottom of their bunny hearts for your generosity!!




The 2017 calendar is a ‘must-have’ for animal lovers!




Surprise the animal lovers in your family with this  year’s calendar.  Filled with unique pictures of man’s and woman’s best friends, they make wonderful gifts for the special occasions you celebrate with your friends.

 Pick one up at the shelter or at one of the businesses listed on the flyer.  You can also order them on line for $15 which includes shipping and handling.


Click on the PayPal logo above and fill out all requested information.  Select the option to ‘review your donation and continue’ and in the box labeled  ‘add special instructions to the seller’, write in that you want to order calendar(s) and list the address(es) you want them shipped to.    We’ll do the rest!

 Shelter News

Watch us on Save Our Shelter 



save-our-shelterWe are very pleased to announce that Save Our Shelter featured our shelter on its Saturday, December 24th program on KTLA.  SOS is dedicated to educating the public on pet overpopulation and supporting those that are making a difference.

They support the work of our shelter and generously made improvements that will enhance the quality of life for the animals in our care.

If you missed it, you can watch the show on this link:


Save our Shelter is more than a tv show, it’s a movement to care for homeless pets across the U.S. & Canada.   Founder Rocky Kanaka says “We believe in supporting the amazing people that are saving our communities’ animals every hour of every day. We do this by donating our time, donating healthy dog food, mobilizing volunteers, and getting the word out about the state of rescue pets”.

Kudos to Dog For Dog for donating a year’s worth of dog food for our dogs.   And thank you to Save Our Shelter and Petsmart Charities who provided the funding to make this possible!


Shelter Activities

Healthy Pet Expo

Mark your calendar!
Saturday,  May 6th 
9am to 3pm

Whittier Narrows Park
Meadows Picnic Area
750 Santa Anita Avenue
South El Monte   91733

We will be joining animal lovers for this year’s Healthy Pet Expo.   Bring your dog or cat and take advantage of the […]

2017 Calendars Are Ready to Go

  The 2017 calendars are here!    Filled with adorable photos of man’s best friends, you will want one for yourself and a few for your friends!

Pick one up at the shelter today or order on line using our Paypal account.

If you would like to order a 2017 calendar on line, you can […]

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