There is no greater joy than giving a forever home to one of our homeless pets!


Shelter Welcome


Animals make such a big difference in our lives!  Many animals lovers call and want to know how they can help.   Here are two easy ways that won’t cost you a penny!



     GO TO

Find the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society, and every time you buy something, 0.5% will be donated to the shelter!  It’s easy to do and helps the shelter with every purchase you make!   Let your friends know about this simple way to make a difference!



ralphs logoIf you are a Ralph’s shopper, sign up for their Community Giving Program and they will donate to the shelter every time you shop.   For more details, click below.





What is TNR?

No, it is not the latest social media. It means: Trap. Neuter. Return.  It is the humane way to trap feral cats, spay or neuter them, vaccinate them and then return them to their cat colony to live out the rest of their lives.  Why is it important to do this? Feral cats can live in our communities without adding to the homeless population.   They will live without disease, spraying or fighting. And still help us with rodent control. A feral cat can live 10 years if it is sterilized.

TNR logo

How can you assist?  Most adults can help if they follow a few basic guidelines.     READ MORE.



 Shelter News

 You did it!  Thanks to you – Johnny can get the surgery he needs to live  a wonderful life!   Read his story below!

johnny 4 edited (2)Hi! I’m Johnny. My prior family surrendered me to the shelter when I was sick.  San Gabriel Valley Humane Society has taken real good care of me and I’m almost all well and ready for a new home. But first I must have a surgery and this is where you can help me. Unfortunately, a vet has diagnosed me with an obstruction in my nose, probably polyps, which are interfering with my breathing.   I need surgery to remove these polyps and to breathe normally. I need to raise $1,000 for my surgery.  With your help and the surgery, I can live a long, healthy life with a purrever family.    READ MORE


Sylvester Goes Home!!

Riley flyingAfter four years, our little ’Sylvester’ has found his forever home. His new owners, John and Sonia, shared with us the intimate details of his first week.
They considered keeping him ‘Sylvester’, but decided that his new life should be accompanied by a new name.  So, Sylvester is now Riley…… living the “Life of Riley!”   READ MORE


Shelter Activities

2017 Calendar Photo Contest

Have a great photo of your best friend?

Enter our photo contest!  Click on flyer for more details.  Send in your favorite pet photos and yours could be one of twelve lucky pets to be featured in our 2017 calendar.   Submission deadline is June 18, 2016!    Email your photos to

Duarte Welcomes Metro

The City of Duarte hosted  an  event to celebrate the opening of the new Metro Station.    As part of their celebration, they asked us to participate.

It was a huge success!  From the time we arrived at 9:15am until we left, it was non-stop. Hundreds of people attended and Fox 11 News covered the event.



How can cat lovers help out? By donating much-needed kitty litter to our cats!  Click on the Donate button at the top of the home page.  Scroll down to the Amazon Wish List and choose a kitty litter and Amazon will do the rest!   Our grateful cats thank you!!


2016 Calendars Now Available For a $10 Donation At the Shelter, Local Businesses and On Line

The photos were selected among hundreds submitted by shelter supporters.  They make great holiday gifts for the animal lovers on your list!  If you would like to order a 2016 calendar on line, you can do so through Paypal.  Toward the top of the Home Page in the ‘How To Help’ section, click on the Donate link.  […]

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