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Wayne (Wang)

Kelly and MaryBeth saw a video that Pet Rescue Advocate, Rocky Kanaka posted on YouTube about San Gabriel Valley Humane Society’s long-time resident Wang, a German Shepherd. Kelly says they could tell by Wang’s relationship with SGVHS staff that he was being well-cared for, and that filled them with hope.


They were drawn to Wang because they had a long and wonderful history with the breed. They had German Shepherd dogs of their own, as well as fostering many GSDs over the years. They had also lost a beloved dog within the last year. 


When they went to meet Wang, they state that SGVHS staff set them up to have a great experience by allowing them to slowly observe and interact with him, along with their current dog. That meeting sealed the deal, and they made the decision to make Wang, which they named Wayne, a part of their family.

Because of their previous experience, Kelly and MaryBeth immediately set Wayne up for success by bringing in a dog trainer/behaviorist. They also gave Wayne plenty of time to have his own space and get used to his new surroundings, which would eventually include rooming with 3 cats as well!


The family loves walking together and playing Wayne’s favorite games, like fetching tennis balls and putting his leash in his mouth to pretend that he is walking himself.

Kelly says, “we are so grateful to Rocky for posting this video, and the work he is doing for shelter dogs like Wang, and for SGVHS for believing in Wang and caring for him for so long. GSD’s are not for everyone. Professional training and integration with the family is key to having a successful companion relationship.”


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