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Hole in the Wall Gang

Imagine walking out the front door and seeing a little face peering at you from a hole in your block wall. The face disappears, but soon another face appears. And disappears. Then another face, then another!

From the kitten's perspective, it becomes a game of hide and seek! Hide as much as you can, while still trying to get some of the food the wonderful shelter staff is putting out for your much needed nourishment. You don't want them to catch you while you eat!

But slowly, SGVHS staff coaxes the kittens out and the SGVHS Hole in the Wall Gang is formed. Five male kittens and one teeny little female. Only about 5 weeks old and very sick, all have been cared for and doing well at SGVHS. The 5 boys were neutered this week and Sundance Kid and Charley have already been adopted. Butch Cassidy, Kid Curry and Elzy await adoption into their forever homes. And little Della Rose is gaining weight and will hopefully be available for adoption in the next several weeks.

Just imagine these little faces peering at you from the holes in the wall - and then imagine the joy of knowing that they will soon be going to loving homes where peeping out of holes is truly a game of fun with their families and not a game of survival.

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