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Grayson is a beautiful Blue Domestic Shorthair cat that was reported as a stray on a property in one of SGVHS's service cities.

Upon arrival, intake staff and Animal Control saw Grayson in a carrier caked in dry urine, and he sported massive patches of open sores all over his body. For nearly 1 month, staff gave daily care to Grayson's wounds. Although the patches of fur where the sores once were may never grow back, Grayson has made a near complete recovery, with only tiny scabs left on a small percent of his body. All of the handling had done nothing to deter Grayson's wonderful personality; he made sure to meow at you as soon as you walked up to his cage, purring and rubbing against the bars to beg for some scratches and pets. With a great recovery and a loving personality, he found the perfect family to take him home.


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