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The Department of Fish and Wildlife requests that you do not trap oppossum, skunks or raccoons, and if they are trapped, they must be released immediately according to the penal code. Please respect the wildlife that live among us. They will not hurt you and generally move on if there is no source of food or water. PLEASE do not leave pet food or water out overnight, pick up all fallen fruit from trees and be sure that your trash is properly covered at all times. Anyone who abuses or causes harm to wildlife will be prosecuted according to law.

Coyote issues are handled by the The Department of Fish and Wildlife, and they request that your trash containers are closed properly and that you do not leave pet food in your yard at any time. 

Please use the Coyote Catcher website to help the local cities, Animal Control and Department of Fish and Wildlife track the local Coyote population.

Below is a link to the PDF brochure "Keep Me Wild," with educational information on living with coyotes.


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