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Lola (Dola)

Dale and Steven would periodically browse dogs online at shelters in their vicinity. When they casually checked out the SGVHS website, they loved the stories about the dogs and decided they wanted to meet some of them. Dola, the sweet momma Bull Terrier, who previously birthed and gently raised 7 puppies at the shelter, was one of them. 

When they approached the kennel area, they were amazed that Dola was just sitting there quietly in her kennel looking at them, while the other dogs were barking and jumping excitedly. They never made it past Dola’s kennel. While in the play yard, Dola's big brown eyes and calm sweetness captured their hearts. She would bury her face in their laps, sometimes nearly knocking them over while showing her affection, and they instantly knew that they wouldn’t find a dog more suited to become a part of their family.  

Once home Dola became Lola, and she adjusted to her new life very quickly. In fact says Dale, “Lola enjoys her beauty rest so much, sometimes we have to pull her out of her crate in the mornings!” Once awake, she loves to zoom around their backyard, but is also very content lying around watching TV with the family.

“Lola has brought so much love, affection and fun into our home,” says Dale. “Overall, we learned that when a dog fits your family, you know it pretty quickly. We feel so grateful that we could adopt her, and we sense her gratitude right back that she has a home with us.”


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