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Dogs bark for various reasons, from protecting their territory to boredom. Unfortunately there is no immediate solution to remedy excessive dog barking, however the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society understands that excessive barking can affect the quality of life for every resident in the surrounding neighborhood.

Formal Nuisance and Barking dog complaints for the Cities of San Gabriel and Temple City must be processed in the front office at the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society. It is a multi-step process, but is usually resolved within the first step with proper education and communication with the dog's owner.

After the first two initial steps, if the owner of the dog that the complaint is against does not comply with the notice to abate, a hearing date is set and must have signatures from the individual filing as well as 2 other neighbors.

Please call the front office to ask about completing a public nuisance complaint.

Did You Know, Under California State Animal Law ?


Access to adequate shelter such as a dog house, or live inside the home.



Be tethered to a stationary object for excessive periods of time.

Be left outside in the rain without access to sheltering.


Any animal CANNOT…

Be permitted to go without veterinary care if they’re sick or injured.

Be physically abused or tortured.

Be left unattended in a motor vehicle under conditions that may endanger their health or well-being.

Be confined in an enclosed area without being provided an adequate exercise area.

Be denied access to adequate shelter, food and water.

Live in filthy, unsanitary conditions.


PLEASE REPORT any suspected violation immediately for our Animal Control Officers to investigate.

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