Some of the animals that come in to our shelter have come from less than ideal situations, and need more medical care and attention than our average residents. Here are some of the animals we have gone above and beyond for to make sure they find a loving forever home.

Grayson is a beautiful Blue Domestic Shorthair cat that was reported as a stray on a property in one of SGVHS's service cities. Upon arrival, intake staff and Animal Control saw Grayson in a carrier caked in dry urine, and he sported massive patches of open sores all over his body. For nearly 1 month, staff gave daily care to Grayson's wounds. Although the patches of fur where the sores once were may never grow back, Grayson has made a near complete recovery, with only tiny scabs left on a small percent of his body. All of the handling has done nothing to deter Grayson's wonderful personality; he makes sure to meow at you as soon as you walk up to his cage, purring and rubbing against the bars to beg for some scratches and pets.


Chapps was part of a group of 5 rabbits abandoned at the doorstep of SGVHS overnight, all in a single cage barely big enough for all of them to fit. Due to the other rabbits being territorial, they unfortunately mutilated Chapps around his underbelly and genitals. With assistance from Exotic Animal Care in Pasadena, Chapps is well on the road to recovery.  He still requires multliple hot packing and treatment of his injuries on a daily basis. But soon he will be fully recovered and ready for adoption.  With all of the TLC, Chapps has let his personality flourish, showing his patience and affection with staff members every single day.


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