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Some of the animals that come in to our shelter have come from less than ideal situations, and need more medical care and attention than our average residents. Here are some of the animals we have gone above and beyond for to make sure they find a loving forever home.


Reese was recently adopted by one of our very own volunteers, and she was excited to write his own  story!


I recently adopted a senior dog – a 9-year-old shepherd mix named Reese who had been surrendered when his family moved and couldn’t take him with them.  I got to know him during the three months he was in the shelter before I was ready to make the commitment to take him home. He seemed like a nice dog who was very frustrated living in a small kennel and spent most of his day barking.  I’m sure he was saying “please take me home – I don’t belong in a shelter.”  


From his first day of freedom, Reese has been the loveliest dog who has brought a happy spirit to our home.  He demonstrated that he was house-trained as soon as he was given the chance to go outside to do his “business.”  He found an available dog bed within a few hours and settled in for a relaxed nap. He enjoyed a walk around his new neighborhood, and sniffing the smells in his new backyard.  He discovered a few squirrels to chase, although they are quick enough to escape easily. He has met new dog companions during our daily walks and is expanding his social circle.  And although he was very vocal in his shelter kennel, he rarely barks now. Next time you visit a shelter, consider meeting one of our seniors.  All they want is the opportunity to find that special person who can look beyond the age on their kennel card into their heart.  Maybe the lucky dog you take home will make YOU feel lucky, too.

Her Majesty Adeline is a 3 month old Vietnamese Potbelly pig who has been with San Gabriel Valley Humane society since mid-November. Adeline was seized by the SGVHS as part of an animal cruelty investigation, as we believed her life to be in imminent danger. After taking possession of Adeline, the staff at San Gabriel worked tirelessly to make sure she was happy and healthy, as it became clear she was only a piglet. Spending extra funds to supply Adeline with the correct piglet specific diet, SGVHS continued to give her the TLC she needed. Adeline was adopted and now is living the life of a pampered pig!



Imagine walking out the front door and seeing a little face peering at you from a hole in your block wall.  The face disappears, but soon another face appears.  And disappears.  Then another face, then another!


From the kitten's perspective, it becomes a  game of hide and seek!  Hide as much as you can, while still trying to get some of the food the wonderful shelter staff is putting out for your much needed nourishment.  You don't want them to catch you while you eat!!


But slowly, SGVHS staff coaxes the kittens out and the SGVHS Hole in the Wall Gang is formed.  Five male kittens and one teeny little female.  Only about 5 weeks old and very sick, all have been cared for and doing well at SGVHS.  The 5 boys were neutered this week and Sundance Kid and Charley have already been adopted.  Butch Cassidy, Kid Curry and Elzy await adoption into their forever homes.  And little Della Rose is gaining weight and will hopefully be available for adoption in the next several weeks.  


Just imagine these little faces peering at you from the holes in the wall - and then imagine the joy of knowing that they will soon be going to loving homes where peeping out of holes is truly a game of fun with their families and not a game of survival.

The Hole in the Wall Gang


Grayson is a beautiful Blue Domestic Shorthair cat that was reported as a stray on a property in one of SGVHS's service cities. Upon arrival, intake staff and Animal Control saw Grayson in a carrier caked in dry urine, and he sported massive patches of open sores all over his body. For nearly 1 month, staff gave daily care to Grayson's wounds. Although the patches of fur where the sores once were may never grow back, Grayson has made a near complete recovery, with only tiny scabs left on a small percent of his body. All of the handling had done nothing to deter Grayson's wonderful personality; he made sure to meow at you as soon as you walked up to his cage, purring and rubbing against the bars to beg for some scratches and pets. With a great recovery and a loving personality, he found the perfect family to take him home.


Chapps was part of a group of 5 rabbits abandoned at the doorstep of SGVHS overnight, all in a single cage barely big enough for all of them to fit. Due to the other rabbits being territorial, they unfortunately mutilated Chapps around his underbelly and genitals. He required multiple hot packing and treatment of his injuries on a daily basis for several weeks.  With assistance from Exotic Animal Care in Pasadena, Chapps made a miraculous recovery.  With all of the TLC, Chapps let his personality flourish, showing his patience and affection with staff members every single day. After a full recovery he was adopted and is now living cozy in his forever home!


Bobo 41815 A.jpg

Bobo came to our shelter in a very uncommon and exciting way – a call was made to the San Gabriel Fire Department that a cat was stuck between the firewall of 2 buildings. SGFD made the call to SGVHS, and together we worked tirelessly to get Bobo out safe and sound. See the video of the rescue here! With just a bruised hip and a little fear due to all of the excitement, Bobo settled into the shelter. It became clear that Bobo was not used to human contact, but with a little patience and a lot of love, Bobo came  out of his shell and found himself a forever home!


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