Please Note - We are not an Animal Hospital. 
If your pet is sick or injured, and you do not have a Veterinarian,
we can provide information for Veterinarians in the San Gabriel area.
We only offer affordable vaccinations and spay/neuter services for owned pets.
Prices Effective:  July 1, 2012 

($30 Fee on Returned Checks)
(No pre-signed, third party or company checks accepted)
We Do Not Accept Credit or Debit Cards


Surgeries are scheduled on Tuesday by Appointment Only.  Proof that pets are fully vaccinated is required prior to obtaining an appointment.  All dogs must have a collar and leash and all cats must be in carriers - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Pain Medication is mandatory for all Canine Spay procedures and Canine Neuter procedures.
E-Collar is mandatory for all Male Canine procedures.  (You may provide your own e-collar on the day of surgery.)

Antibiotics may be mandatory if prescribed and required by the Medical Staff.

Dogs (4 months and older)  - Must be Fully Vaccinated before an appoinment 
                                                  will be given
Vaccinations Required:  2-3 DHPP (post 12 weeks) 2 Bordatella (post 12 weeks)
                                               1 Rabies (required at age 4 months)
7-20 lbs
 $80 - Male
 $100 - Female
 41-50 lbs
 $95 - Male
21-30 lbs
 $85 - Male
 $105 - Female
51-60 lbs
$100 - Male
 31-40 lbs
$90 - Male
$110 - Female


Extra Charges:
 Short Muzzled Breeds (Pugs, Bulldogs, Lhasa, etc)
 In Heat
 Inguinal Cryptorchid         
 Double Neuter Fee
 Ear Mite Treatment
 $20 + $15 Meds
 Excessive Milk in Glands
 Hernia  Vet will Quote
 Vet will Quote
 Nail Trim
 Vet will Quote

Cats (4 Months and Up) - Must Be Fully Vaccinated
Vaccinations required:  3 FRCP (4-6 months of age)
                                             2 FRCP (over 6 months of age)

Surgical Instructions:  We require proof that Dogs and Cats are fully vaccinated prior to surgery
(see above for vaccinations required).  No food after 8pm the night before surgery.  Animals must be brought in at 8:30AM the morning of surgery and are to be picked up between 4:00PM and 4:30PM the same day.  Animals not picked up the same day will be charged a $20 overnight boarding fee.  (An additional charge of $20 will also apply if picked up the following day.)

                                  ALL CATS MUST BE IN CARRIERS
Available Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00PM to 4:00PM
(30 sign-ins only, please arrive by 3:45 PM)
(Additional days may be available - please call 626-286-1159 for further information)
 Rabies - 4 Months and Up (Required by law at 4 months of age)
 All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies and licensed in city of  residence within 30 days of acquisition.
 $10 - $15

 DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, Parvo)
 Injectable Bordetella or Nasal Bordetella
 Lyme Vaccination

 Rabies (4 months and Up)
 FRCP (Panleukopenia, Rhinotracheitis, Calici)
 Leukemia/FIV/Heartworm Testing
 Leukemia Vaccination (Testing Required)


 Hookworm and Roundworm
 Tapeworm (Dogs)
 Tapeworm (Cats)
 Microchip - includes free lifetime registration
 (9 out of 10 pets that are microchipped are returned to their owners)
 Flea Medications are also available - Please ask for more info
 (We offer Advantage Multi)
Varies by weight - 
ask for pricing