State Law requires that all dogs, as soon as they are 4 months of age, be vaccinated for rabies and licensed in the city of their residence. The owner of any dog over the age of 4 months that is not vaccinated for rabies or is not currently licensed will receive a citation for non-compliance. If your dog bites someone or injures another animal you are required to provide proof of valid rabies vaccination immediately. You must also provide proof of current rabies and license if your dog is running at large, or is impounded at an animal shelter or if asked to do so by an Animal Control/Humane Officer or Police Officer.

All new residents must license their dog within 30 days.
Current residents must license their new dogs within 30 days.
SGVHS issues dog licenses for the City of San Gabriel and the City of Temple City.
All licenses expire on June 30th each year.
Licenses can be renewed during July and August without penalty.
(The license year is July 1st to June 30th.)

Proof of current rabies vaccination is required, and must be valid through May 31st, 2017 or longer. If your dog’s rabies vaccination expires prior to May 31st of 2017, a new rabies vaccination will be required.
(See our Services page for our vaccination schedule and costs.)

Proof of Sterility/Alteration (Spay or Neuter) is required to receive the Sterilized license fee.
We will begin issuing or renewing licenses for 2016/2017 begining July 1, 2017.
License fees are subject to a 50% Penalty plus Violation Fee if paid after August 31st, 2017.
Rabies vaccinations must be valid through May 31st, 2018 or longer.

If you wish to renew by mail, please print the license form (link below) and send a copy of your dog’s rabies vaccination (must be valid through May 31st, 2018 or longer, or a new rabies vaccination will be required) along with a copy of your dog’s sterilization (spay/neuter) certificate if applicable. (A copy of the spay/neuter certificate is not required if it is already on file with last year’s license.)

Not Sterilized
One Year License $30 $50

Please Note:
The new licensing year begins on July 1, 2017. Your rabies vaccination must be valid through May 31, 2018 or longer for a one year license.

Dog License Form for the City of San Gabriel.