If you would like to make a donation in memory of or in honor of someone special, we invite you to do so by mail or through the PayPal donation button on our Donation page. If donating via PayPal, please indicate the name of the person or pet you are donating on behalf of in the area marked ‘purpose’, and we will acknowledge the donation on this page.  We can also send an acknowledgement and letter to a family or friend if contact information is provided.
‘In Memory Of’ and ‘In Honor Of’ donations mean so much, and greatly benefit the homeless shelter pets of the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society.

In Memory Of….

In memory of Charlie Rios, a beloved volunteer and friend who will be missed by many

In memory of ‘Bean’ Ellingsen who was adopted 9 years ago from the shelter.  Donation from the Chalifour family

In memory of Mike Alemon and his cat Angel

In memory of  Jane Kurushima

In memory of my Jasmine
Terry E. Simon

In memory of Diamond Rio – a corgi with heart
Roberta Tarnove

In memory of Carol Holbrook
Karen Bagnard

In memory of Donna Ripley
John Ripley

In memory  of Leanne Dickson
Cynthia & Edward Junvinall
Alison McAlpine

In memory of Barbara Short
Richard Headley

Remembering my sweet cousin
Emelijn Carel-Herrebrugh
a lover of all animals
9/13/47 – 3/8/16
Joyce Woodard

In loving memory of Kajira
Dennis Chen

In loving memory of Leanne Dickson,
a long time shelter supporter.
4/19/42 – 10/30/15
-Women’s Division of San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce
-Susan and Willie Goff
-Mr. & Mrs. D.R. Moyes

In memory of Midnight
Roberta Tarnove

In memory of Ralph White

In memory of Dick Yost,
a kind man who loved animals.
-Linda Josephian
– Michael S Smith
– Virginia Gladwin
-Lynne Collmann
-Virginia Lange
– Sharon Clark
– Valerie Grizzard
-Steve Garrison
– Patricia Todd
– Frank Bossong
-Richard Davis
-Tekla Grannis
-Doreen Hudson
-Barbara Spelbring

In Memory of Bruce Patnou
1/14/55 – 5/17/14
Sue and John Chandler

In Memory of Gloria Smallwood
7/31/33 – 5/27/14
From her brother, Phil Macchio

In Memory Of Mary Felvey Cardenas
2/15/48 – 5/20/14
Phoebe Chen
Ofra Arbel
Margo Chavez
Meiyu Chen
Lorna Felvey Omessi

In Memory of Mr. Abe Schuman
A very kind man who loved to adopt and care for cats.
His Daughter, Bonnie

In Memory of Lynne Kubo
Dr. Jean Hong Trager

In Memory of Ardys Achor
The Chapmans

In Memory of Debra Ann Williams

In memory of Huey and JJ, the best friends ever.

In Loving Memory of Bob ‘Uncle Bob’ Thompson
You will be dearly missed and always remembered…
Family and Friends

Rose Buchanan by the Campbell’s

Frank Reischel, who loved animals, especially his little dog Frankie Ann.
By his daughter, Veronica
Best friend, Don
Friend Shirley
Cookie (aka Raja)
Dick and Leslie

“Miss Lilly Langtree”, beloved pet of Harry and Sally Baldwin
By Steve and Janet Preston

Porkchop, a wonderful dog who was loved for 15 years
By Emmy

Mary Pilar Yamagata, who loved all animals.
By her niece, Ramona Vasquez

Elaine Curtis,
By the Cal State LA Student Health Center

Maxine Davidson
By her family and friends

Paul Curry
By his family

Juno, a great dog, who recently passed

In Honor Of….

Savannah Robinson – Thank you and Happy Birthday!

Kathy Bremer
Happy Birthday from Tekla

Elaine Josephian
from S. Browning

Barbara has made a Holiday Donation in honor of the Grannis and Rogers families!

Carolyn M ~
Happy Birthday from Marc and Meg!

Betsy Olson ~ the best cat sitter around!