Barking Dogs

Thank you for visiting the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Web Site. California State law prohibits the ownership or maintenance of any animal, which by sound or cry interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property by an entire community or neighborhood, or by any considerable number of persons.  Regrettably, this problem is all too frequent and is very frustrating to those being bothered by the nuisance.  Returning the completed Nuisance Complaint Form is the first step in reporting the nuisance problem that you are experiencing.

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society (SGVHS) will make every effort to help resolve this reported problem. We cannot help resolve this matter however, without you and your neighbor’s assistance.

This page is intended to clearly explain the role of SGVHS and your role, as one initiating the complaint, in the resolution of the problem. The above Nuisance Complaint Form will begin the process of resolving the problem.

The entire process for resolving the problem is as follows:

  • You, as the complainant, initiate the first complaint by submitting the completed Nuisance Complaint Form to SGVHS. If the owner’s dog is not currently licensed, an Animal Control Officer will contact the owner in person to obtain owner/dog information. If the dog is licensed, a letter notifying the owner of the complaint is sent. We will not accept or process anonymous or false name complaints.
  • The dog owner is given up to fourteen (14) days to resolve the situation. If the situation still exists, you must file a second complaint by contacting SGVHS. (If SGVHS is not contacted within sixty (60) days of the initial filing, the complaint will expire.) You will be given a Nuisance Statement Form. This completed form, when returned to SGVHS, updates the situation in writing. An Animal Control Officer will contact the owner in person and issue a Notice to Abate (final warning).
  • The nuisance dog owner is now given up to ten (10) days to resolve the situation. If the situation still exists, you must file a third complaint by contacting the SGVHS. You will be given a Public Nuisance Petition Packet. These packets are designed to assist you in gathering evidence needed to support your case. You and your neighbors then have forty five (45) days (from the Notice to Abate delivery date) in which to gather the evidence and complete all the steps outlined in the petition packet.
  • The gathering of evidence is your responsibility. The role of SGVHS is to assist you through the legal process in an attempt to bring this matter to a successful conclusion.
  • You and at least 2 your neighbors must be willing to appear in court, if necessary, to testify against the animal owner for successful prosecution. Once all the information is returned to SGVHS, your case will be forwarded to the County of Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. Any action taken will be based upon the information that is supplied by you and your neighbors.
  • While we understand that a persistent nuisance problem can be difficult to live with, SGVHS does not have the legal authority to seize animals and remove them from the owner’s property, nor can we require the owner to take immediate corrective action. Only a judge has the legal power to enforce a mandatory solution to the problem.

Hopefully, the matter will be resolved at the First Complaint (the letter) and you and your neighbors can live in peace and comfort. Remember, this process takes time and San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is there to help along the way.