All potential adopters must undergo an application process.  Please give careful consideration to the commitment required by a new pet.  A dog can live 14-16 years, and a cat can live 16-20 years.  If you are not prepared to give a lifetime commitment to a new pet, there are other ways you can help shelter animals - you can donate or volunteer.  If you do decide to adopt and are approved, we can provide helpful information to smooth the transition from the shelter to their new home with you.  If you are adopting a dog, please be prepared to train them and housebreak them, and take the time to become their new ‘leader’.  If you are adopting a cat, they may be shy and hide for a few days, so give them the time to adjust.  We do allow a 21 day adjustment period.  If the relationship between you and your new pet does not go smoothly during this period, please let us know and you may bring him/her back to us, along with your receipt and adoption papers for credit towards future services.  You may also donate your credit to the shelter.  We are unable to guarantee the health or behavior of any pet.  
                                                        Adoption Fee Schedule

 Cats/Kittens  $99

 $120 - $135*

                                                  * Some breeds slightly higher
                                        Cat/Kitten adoption fee includes:
Spay or Neuter
Basic FRCP Vaccinations
FIV/FELV/Heartworm Test
 Dog adoption fee includes:
Spay or Neuter
Basic DHPP and Bordatella Vaccinations
Rabies vaccination

We also offer a Buddy System Adoption Program and
Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program -
Please Ask for Details!

We couldn't be happier about all our recent adoptions -
we've set an all time record!
A big Thank You to all our wonderful adopters !
But we want everyone who is considering adoption to think about ~
A dog can live 14-16 years - are you prepared to give them a home for their entire lifetime?
A cat can live 18-20 years - are you prepared to give them a home for their entire lifetime?
If you're not sure, have reservations, are short on time or short on funds,
please think carefully. We don't want any of these wonderful, homeless animals to be homeless again or have to go back into a shelter system. Regardless of how nice a shelter might be,
it's not their home.
Dogs require a lot of time and attention - they are pack animals and want to have a pack to call their own - you are their 'pack' and their 'leader'! Small dogs are more needy than big dogs - they are not easier. They are only easier than big dogs in that you can pick them up and they eat less!
Be prepared to walk your dog 2-3 times a day for at least 30 minutes. If you have a big dog, be prepared to play with them to burn off excess energy at least an hour or two each day. A big yard IS NOT a solution to actual playtime. A big yard leads to neglect (not necessarily on purpose) - it is just an invitation to bad behaviors that stem from boredom. And while some dogs love the dogs they live with and are happy for the canine companionship, you are their ultimate leader and who they really need attention from.
Cats are easier than dogs in that they have their own bathroom (their litter box!), and they tend to spend a lot of time sleeping, but they need time and attention too. Plan to spend at least 30 minutes or so twice a day playing with them and giving them your undivided time and attention.
Bored kitties are not happy kitties. They love kitty tv - a sunny window with a great view can amuse them for hours! Rotating their toys, an empty paper bag, an empty cardboard box, and
hiding treats for them to find are all great ways to make their kitty day more intriguing!
If you have children and are thinking of adopting a pet, you are basically adding another child to your family! If you are planning to have children, and don't think you'll have time for your pet once you have children, it's better not to adopt a pet than to have to give them up - they never do well when they lose their home. And if you're a renter, and you think your situation might change, be sure to research pet friendly apartments so that you don't have to give up your pet who thinks of you as their family - they would be devastated.
We'd be happy to guide you if you've never had a pet before - we can provide you with information you should know first before you adopt. We want to be sure that every adopted pet has a forever home, and never loses their family again.